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Field Service Strategies

How Scalable Field Service Strategies Lead to Top-Tier Customer Service

A team of technicians works on providing managed services solutions

At Velocity, we’re always prepared to find solutions for our customers, no matter how big the challenge.

Our largest domestic customer, for example, has over 9,000 locations. And Velocity is asked to roll out new services to this customer at least once a year. We don’t know when that request is coming, but we know we must be ready.

Modern business practices simply do not allow any company to employ enough people to meet peak needs at any time. We knew we needed to scale up our high-quality resources to match the demands of our business goals, but the question was how to do that.

The solution came from Velocity CEO Greg Kiley.

Greg developed Global Gateway Exchange (GGE), an owned subsidiary of Velocity that embraces — and properly manages — third-party contractors to provide the best possible level of service.

The result? We have a rapid deployment mechanism that operates coast to coast 24/7.  Being able to deploy IT resources, to any market, within hours, gives Velocity a major advantage over our competitors who outsource their field support. Customer support is our top priority at Velocity — and GGE ensures that we achieve this goal at any time and every level.

It’s a solution that we’ve fine-tuned over the last 15 years.

GGE’s primary advantage is using the proper balance of employee technicians and third-party contractors. Many companies have learned the hard way that if you do not properly manage third-party contractors, your core business can pay the price. GGE, on the other hand, is committed to managing contractors to achieve a nimble network of IT resources.

To achieve that, we had to create custom tools that would allow our support teams to track and rate contractor performance. The GGE platform is a completely custom and unique software platform that we continue to refine and improve. With these tools, we can hold contractors to the same high level of performance we expect from our employees.

For 15 years, we have built strong relationships with high-performing contractors — and we have multiple tiers of talent that GGE can dispatch, including Platinum Tier, Gold Tier and Silver Tier technicians. Tiers are assigned based on the technician’s rating with Velocity. Higher-tier contractors are given the first shot at any dispatches that are in their skill set. Dispatches will drop to lower tiers when and if the higher-tier resources are not able to respond.

Low-performing contractors, meanwhile, are identified and managed appropriately. We work with these contractors to help improve their ratings on future dispatches. If a contactor’s rating continues to trend downward, we are forced to remove the contractor from our platform. This allows us to continue to ensure that we are giving the best-in-class customer support our customers have come to expect from Velocity and sets us apart from the competition.

Velocity and GGE have invested in an employee network of IT resources as well.  We have active employee technicians in all our major domestic markets. The employee network is comprised of our highest-quality technicians, and we have invested heavily in their continual training. The employee network represents our rock-solid foundation for field support services.  In contrast, our contractor network is dynamic and in constant fluctuation. This dynamic advantage gives us the ability to scale up or down rapidly — and meet all of our customers’ needs.

For our customers, this means that field support services are always available, no matter what they may need or when they may need it. It also means that we can offer this service at an extremely competitive price point — and be certain that our highly trained technicians can get the job done.

In today’s technology-driven business environment, you have to embrace new solutions to continue to grow and offer more value to your customers. At Velocity, we’re excited to see what the future holds — and are always searching for ways to innovate and improve.

If you’d like to see the difference top-tier support can make for your business, click on the “ASK AN EXPERT” button in the top menu. No matter how urgent or how challenging your needs may be either now or in the future, our technicians have you covered, allowing you to focus on what truly matters — growing your business.


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