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VBAND® Router

The VBAND® G2 is Velocity’s second-generation bandwidth manager

About this service

Simplify your network with VBAND®

The VBAND® is our proprietary router that serves as a gateway, load balancer, and SD-WAN appliance, and provides multiple gigabit ports of connectivity with multiple models.

VBAND reduces your infrastructure and support costs as it takes the place of multiple devices within a network topology. With enterprise-level features and high-speed connectivity, VBAND is at home with broadband and fiber connections.

VBAND key features

  •  IPv4 and IPv6
  • High-speed routing and switching
  • V-CLOUD™ SD-WAN support
  • VPN tunneling
  • Traffic engineering
  • Content filtering
  • Basic IP hotspots
  • Dynamic routing
  • Load balancing

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