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The Solution for Replacing Copper Lines


POTS IN A BOX® provides the core voice and data functionalities of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) without the slow-to-install and expensive copper infrastructure.

A Modern, Affordable Alternative to POTS

Velocity’s POTS line replacement solution, combining DataRemote’s trusted hardware endpoints and Velocity’s SIPBand network, provides reliable, managed VoIP-based analog phone lines that connect to new or existing elevator emergency lines, security alarm system lines, fire panel lines, FAX machines, voice, data, and other applications.


We are proud to be a Premier partner and reseller of DataRemote, the leader in POTS line replacement, for our POTS IN A BOX solution.

DataRemote CDS-9090

What’s Included in Velocity’s POTS IN A BOX® Solution

  • Analog-to-VoIP FXS gateway with simple, transparent, per line pricing
  • Professional installation and connection to existing analog endpoints
  • Proactive monitoring and managed support available 24x7x365
  • Elimination of costly analog wireline services
  • User-friendly management through Velocity’s V-SELECT® interactive portal. *Coming Soon™️


Analog POTS line replacements. Caller ID. E-911 Support. Integrated Battery backup available. Cellular 4G/LTE backup support.


Traditional voice services. FAX transmissions. Burglar & Fire Alarm transmissions. Ring-Down Circuits (Auto Dial) for Elevator, paging, taxi lines as well as Call boxes, gate access, Point-of-Sale lines. Analog M2M with Modern Support.

POTS Line Replacement - POTS IN A BOX

Why is POTS IN A BOX Important?

FCC Forbearance was passed August 2nd, 2019.  DataRemote POTS IN A BOX® Is currently the closest to a real POTS line, PSTN-replacement device.

There are certain time-sensitive issues to consider.  First, this order puts an aggressive upward pressure on pricing for all copper lines, giving local exchange carriers the ability to LEGALLY shut off copper lines on PSTN. Second, the 3-year period is only for existing services — new service regulations go away at 6 months from the point of adoption.

Why You Should Choose Velocity for POTS Line Replacement

  • Enjoy Nationwide Coverage and a strong ROI
  • Update your telecommunications infrastructure with Velocity’s VoIP platform, SIPBand™️
  • Additional advantages include the LTE Backup, Network Visibility, Control, Management & Reporting capabilities.
  • Integrated Battery Backup available
  • With the strong portfolio of management solutions that Velocity offers, you can facilitate vendor consolidation which will increase operational efficacies.
DataRemote CDS-9090
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POTS IN A BOX Case Studies

Learn how customers benefit from operational efficacies due to consolidation of vendors in the customer account team. Furthermore, they enjoy Nationwide Coverage, a strong ROI (Reduction of cost Network Visibility), and gain Control, Management & Reporting capabilities.

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