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Velocity Media Solutions aggregates high-impact, high-reach media networks into a scaled, easy-to-buy advertising solution

About This Service

Reach consumers throughout their day, as they shop, play, commute, and stay

Our networks include venues in both outdoor and indoor media in retail centers, grocery stores, bars & restaurants, cinemas (coming soon), transit hubs, and hotel lobbies. Our national, venue-based media networks enable high-impact, high-recall brand promotion that activates consumer behavior locally, regionally, or nationally.

As a robust managed solutions and media company, we work with advertisers and organizations that have digital real estate to occupy. Whether you are looking to promote your own messaging across our network, or you have an interest in monetizing your digital signage assets, Velocity can help.

Media buyer

Velocity offers a national, digital place-based media network that reaches consumers throughout their day—where they shop, play, commute, and stay.

Through acquisition, investment, and strategic partnerships, Velocity makes out-of-home media easier to buy and plan for clients, brands, and agencies. We offer a one-stop-shop for media solutions that effectively and efficiently reach consumers locally, regionally, or nationally at scale.

Media owner

Velocity offers deployment and installation services, financing, managed services, and media sales support for media networks. 

Our national support footprint and expertise enable us to monetize media networks with a full suite of solutions, which can be customized based on individual needs. Our growing media sales capabilities include programmatic and automated buying, traditional media sales targeting out-of-home buyers, broadcast and digital buyers, and amplification with mobile media.

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Velocity Media Solutions

Velocity Media Solutions connects advertisers with a mix of media that reaches consumers throughout their daily journeys, where they shop, play, commute, and stay.

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Retail media near point-of-purchase at lifestyle centers, c-stores, and grocery stores.

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Reach consumers during the day, after work, and on the weekends when they dine, go to the bar, or see a movie. 

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With opportunities in key transit hubs, Velocity’s commuter media helps you reach consumers as they are traveling between their home, office, events, and other locations.


Connect with hotel guests looking for dining and entertainment opportunities as well as away from home needs.

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Research / Media Kits

National media kits

Reaching consumers as they navigate their lives. Shop, Play, Commute, and Stay with Velocity.

Mobile targeting add-on

Amplify the reach and impact of your media campaign with mobile advertising

We work with trusted mobile companies to utilize location data to understand audiences near our media placements. This enables Velocity to help brands and agencies retarget customers when they are in the right place at the right time.

Audience measurement

Velocity has partnered with Geopath to validate quality impressions through its proprietary method

The convergence of first-party data from network owners along with Geopath GIS mobile measurement ensures the accuracy of the audience as well as the impressions.

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