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Knowing how and when to adapt

Partnering with Digital Signage Experts to Navigate the New Normal

Two shoppers looking at digital signage in a grocery store.

Technological innovation can be daunting because it has the potential to make everything that came before it obsolete. But while no business wants to get left behind, it’s hard to know how and when to adapt.

Company signage is one such industry in the midst of massive technological shifts. Innovations in digital signage have leveraged the power of consumer data to allow for a level of individual targeting that would have been unthinkable just a few years ago. Touchscreen interactivity is being revolutionized as a defense against COVID-19. And advances in artificial intelligence tracking can now optimize displays for maximum impact.

So, where does this leave businesses in need of digital signage?

The truth is it depends on your business. Movie theaters, for example, will require different solutions than hospitality and retail. Even within the same industry, there will be varying needs. Let’s take a look at retail: Although every store needs to drive in customers, they will require different tools to appeal to and serve their base. For any business, this can be overwhelming. The stakes are high — and it is so vital for companies to get it right.

Companies looking for a blueprint to adapt to innovations would do well to follow in the footsteps of Hewlett-Packard, the American technology giant whose personal computers have powered generations of businesses and individuals.

HP executives faced a choice as they looked to expand their computer manufacturing: Spend billions to make the intricate circuitry needed for the next generation of computers in-house or partner with an established manufacturer with a track record of delivering high-quality components. HP executives have consistently chosen the latter and, most recently, entered into a partnership with a French company, Sanmina-SCI, at its manufacturing site in Isle d’Abeau.

HP’s pivot highlights the need to find specialized partners in this fiercely competitive and continuously evolving business environment. While digital signage may not involve the complex circuitry of computers, the industry is undeniably undergoing its own revolutionary changes.

To navigate these new waters, it’s essential for businesses to partner with a team of experts to meet their digital signage needs. Retailers, restaurants and movie theaters do not have the in-depth industry knowledge or level of sophistication to be competitive all on their own in the digital signage arena. On the other hand, experts are up to date on the latest technological trends, have years of industry experience and, most importantly, have the expertise needed to create high-quality digital signage.

It may be tempting to hire an outside contractor for a one-time project or to hire a full-time employee to handle digital signage in-house. These would both be a mistake.

Outside contractors hired for a single project do not know the ins and outs of the company. Every business has different digital signage needs, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. This makes outside contractors limited in scope and resources and can result in haphazard or ill-fitting solutions.

Hiring a full-time employee to handle digital signage could work, but it’s a massive investment in both personnel and in-house tools — and the rate of change is so rapid that these tools would be obsolete in just a few years.

The best solution is to invest in a long-term partnership with a full-service firm.

Digital signage is a field that requires expertise to plan, execute and cultivate properly. As digital signage technology improves, businesses will need to adapt with foresight and ingenuity. A full-service partner who already knows your company’s ins and outs can implement tailored solutions and manage the full scope of technological infrastructure.

In addition to improving quality, these partnerships save money over the long term. Full-service firms make the necessary investments to stay on the cutting edge, so their customers don’t have to.

“Only full-service digital signage firms have the expertise, resources, infrastructure and track record to support every facet of a customer’s digital signage network,” explains Greg Kiley, founder and CEO of Velocity. “In an ever-changing world with huge disruptions in the digital signage space, it is essential that businesses are able to respond nimbly and decisively to any new developments. An ongoing digital signage managed-service partnership isn’t just a good idea — it’s an absolute requirement.”

Over the last 15 years, Velocity has proven to be nimble and forward-thinking by capitalizing on opportunities to expand into the digital signage and media space. By translating its superior telecom managed-services business to the digital signage sector, Velocity is able to offer full-service, tech-savvy advertising and display solutions for its customers. Velocity’s track record of success, happy customers and vast resources have solidified its status as an industry vanguard able to expertly adapt to emerging technological trends.

Leaders in every industry have recognized the need to adapt and partner with specialized manufacturing experts to stay on top. These same principles apply to digital signage. In a global economy being rocked by seismic technological and societal changes, businesses of all stripes will need full-service partners whose team of experts can help them succeed — no matter what the circumstances.

If you’d like to learn more about bringing Velocity onboard your team, click on “ASK AN EXPERT” at the top of the menu. Together, we can look into ways to make your company’s future even brighter with digital signage and other managed-service solutions.


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