Bandwidth on Demand

Easily increase your bandwidth based on your needs

Both experience and the research tell us that our customers will need to increase their bandwidth on a regular basis moving forward, often on an urgent basis.  This is precisely why Velocity is implementing our newest solution.
Bandwidth on Demand offers the choice to upgrade your circuit to a larger circuit, at no cost or hassle to you, so when you need extra bandwidth, it is only a phone call away.



Velocity will coordinate the upgrade of the larger circuit.

On Demand

No delays waiting for construction buildouts, circuit availability, scheduling conflicts, etc. that can cause weeks, if not months of delay. You get the bandwidth you need – right when you need it.


Just email or call and request additional bandwidth. We will give you a price and a short addendum for your upgrade. You can increase your bandwidth for a minimum of 3 months or longer.  


If you only need the additional bandwidth, for example 4 months or 36 months, then you only pay for those months at the higher bandwidth rate. Avoid unnecessarily rushing to procure additional bandwidth, which may take 4 weeks to 16 weeks to get, only to start paying for it after the need is gone.

Connect with us today and learn more about our Bandwidth on Demand solution.