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What Is POTS IN A BOX®? And why is it THE answer to satisfying the mandate to replace copper lines?

POTS IN A BOX - Fire Alarm

Does your business use an analog POTS line to run systems like fire alarms, faxing, or elevator systems? If so, your system’s line replacement is overdue. This is where the POTS IN A BOX system comes in; but, what is POTS IN A BOX? Let’s chat a little bit about POTS line replacement and POTS IN A BOX for hotels and other businesses.

You Need to Switch to a POTS Line Replacement Device

In August 2019, the FCC enacted provisions that allow telecom providers to stop supporting and maintaining POTS lines. These lines are no longer a reliable or viable way of routing the critical business services that use those lines. Furthermore, providers are within their rights to shut service off entirely at any time.

It’s time to digitalize your telecommunications systems. Digitization protects your business and removes your reliance on sunsetted telecommunications infrastructure.

Velocity’s POTS IN A BOX solution (powered by DataRemote) makes replacement easy. It takes your current use of POTS into consideration, making it simple to switch legacy analog POTS lines to analog lines over VoIP – all without completely ripping out the current systems in place at your hotels or business.


So, what is POTS IN A BOX and why is it a necessary device? POTS IN A BOX is an all-in-one solution that circumvents old POTS lines that used to be serviced by your legacy telecom provider. This POTS replacement system takes all your existing, outgoing signals for all your different devices (fire panels, burglar panels, elevator comms…etc.) and feeds converts them so that they can use VoIP.

From here, your local area network or a cellular connection can transmit those calls wherever they need to go. This also allows you to integrate management and monitoring systems, right at the source of the call. Furthermore, the POTS IN A BOX system is far more reliable and user-friendly than other analog-to-VOIP solutions.

POTS IN A BOX for Hotels

Luckily for businesses in the hospitality industry, switching shouldn’t be too difficult. Outdated copper POTS lines are most likely the “last feet” of analog lines within your hotel. Plus, our team of experts can help you install and set up your new POTS IN A BOX system.

With analog line connectivity via the POTS IN A BOX solution, there’s no more worrying about if your hotel’s phone line service will be terminated. Now that digital telecommunications have become the only option moving forward, switching couldn’t be easier – especially with Velocity’s POTS IN A BOX solution. This solution will integrate directly into your hotels’ legacy key systems, PBX, fire and burglar alarms, and even emergency lines.

Velocity: Your POTS Line Replacement Provider

Here at Velocity, we offer services that complement your POTS IN A BOX solution. These services (like 24/7/365 call center support for your infrastructure) are designed to help you get the most out of your new digital telecommunications system. When we work directly with you on your quote, we’ll help you determine which services to pair with your POTS IN A BOX solution for maximum system efficiency.

Unique Features of Our POTS Line Replacement System

The POTS IN A BOX solution (combined with our state-of-the-art SIPBand network) will maintain all of the nuances of your current services that you use and love. These services may include things such as caller-ID, fax transmissions, burglar and fire alarm transmissions, paging systems, gate access and call boxes, and E-911 support.

In addition to your current uses, the POTS IN A BOX system can still be used during Internet outages through cellular 4G/LTE/5G connections – which have widespread connectivity and reliability across the country. If your hotel is concerned about power outage interruptions, integrated battery backups are available, as well.

Get Started with POTS Line Replacement Today

The time to replace your POTS system is now – before anything breaks, your system goes haywire, or your provider spontaneously shuts off your service. Replacing telecommunications hardware is one of the simplest ways to avoid infrastructure meltdowns and costly repercussions.

POTS lines are yesterday’s technology, and support for them is now gone. Don’t let severed service disrupt your hotels’ workflows. Book a meeting with our team today to discuss your options and discover what we can do for your hospitality business.

POTS IN A BOX® is a registered trademark of DataRemote. It provides enterprises the core voice and data functionalities of POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) without the slow-to-install and expensive copper infrastructure.



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